The Kindness Rocks Project will be sharing Special Abilities of North Texas on their Facebook page.  After seeing pictures of ACEs creating ‘kindness rocks’ posted on Special Abilities’ Facebook page, the project’s administrators decided to share with their 92.5 thousand followers what our small community in North Texas has been up to this week.

This week at Special Abilities has been dedicated to giving back. One of the projects coming out of our art program is these kindness rocks which allow ACEs to decorate rocks with paint, glitter and words of encouragement.

Art instructor Ajah Session said ACEs were initially skeptical.

“At first they were like ‘rocks? We’re painting rocks?’ but afterwards when they saw how some of them came out they were pretty excited about it,” Session said.

After providing some supplies, ACEs ran with the project and Session said they ended up really enjoying it. Together the classroom came up with several inspirational or nice words they could tell each other.

Session found the project on Pinterest and thought it was a good fit for the giving back theme.

“It’s a good thing to give to someone,” Session said. “It’s not an item – you’re giving them ‘love’ or ‘hope.’”

Emma particularly enjoyed the kindness rocks and has already given out two of them to her favorite people.

Emma gave one to Project Director Jordan Drake and Session as well, one in blue and one in pink, respectively. Both have hearts and say “love.” Emma said these people are special to her.

“I really like them, they’re close to me,” Emma said.  “They’re like close sisters to me.”

Session said Tuesday they began painting them, but today all the rocks should be dry and ready to send kind messages.

“I explained to them they could give it to someone else like if they saw their friend come in and they’re a little down – if you need one to give to them that says “smile” or [even] if you need it for yourself,” Session said.

Emma will be finishing up her third rock today to be given to her caretaker Donna who she said also has a close spot in her heart.

“She takes care of me just like Ajah and Jordan,” Emma said.

First large photo: Emma with Program Director Jordan Drake.

Gallery: Photos of ACEs making their Kindness Rocks and close-ups of the rocks.