Our Programs

Community Inclusion and Social Development

We believe strongly that each citizen with special needs has the right to be an accepted and productive member of the community. Our ACEs frequently attend local events and activities, and volunteer with public organizations.  These include museums, zoos, festivals, libraries, and sporting events to name a few.

Home and Independent Living Skills

Seeking independence is a part of life for every human being. Through this program, ACEs are trained in home living, money management, communication, public transportation, shopping, personal care, and more.

Pre-vocational and Vocational Training

This program creates an opportunity for ACEs to develop and improve their vocational abilities. Examples include customer service, clerical work such as filing and computer skills, custodial maintenance, and inventory control.

Creative Arts

In this program, ACEs learn through igniting their creativity. In addition to creating beautiful works of art, motor skills are honed and hidden talents are discovered.

Health and Fitness

This program is dedicated to educating ACEs about ways to maintain and improve their overall health, in mind and body. Clients participate in physical training exercises that match their abilities and learn about healthy nutrition through engaging activities.

Financial Aid

Funding for services we provide are accepted through a variety of sources including:

  • Home & Community Based Services (HCS)
  • CLASS funds
  • Texas Home Living (TXHML)
  • Private pay