Special Abilities of North Texas has the pleasure of being the first local business showcasing window art by Zachary Robey! Zachary is an artist that works in many different media, and has expanded his skills to window painting. We love the artwork and have received many compliments on it already! Zachary came up with the design, outlined, and painted it all himself. He even paid homage to our awesome ACEs with the ornaments on the tree. We are so grateful he chose us to work with!  Come by our main campus in Lewisville to see it for yourself!

Artist Biography

Zachary Robey           age 22                         Flower Mound, Texas

Currently an assistant in the lab at Medical City of Lewisville and a 2015 graduate of Flower Mound High School, Zachary has been drawing for almost his entire life.

At the age of 3 1/2, Zachary was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Being nonverbal til the age of 5, he was always drawing as his way of communcating with the world around him. He received his first Magna Doodle at the age of 1, and the rest is history……….

Growing up in South Florida til he was 9, Zachary was exposed to many famous artists, their work and all kinds of mediums.  After moving to the Dallas area, he has expanded his art to many different areas. With wonderful art teachers, private art lessons and lots of encouragement from his family, there have been no boundaries in his artistic ability. He has had his art featured in local art shows and won a few awards for his unique style.

Zachary’s love for art history is always expanding and visits many art museums where ever he goes. He enjoys all different mediums and artist but his favorites are Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Zachary hopes to keep painting, join more art shows to showcase his talent and educate the public on autism acceptance.